Shall we do tea?
These words alone can
lead to a moment of
peace,community development,
and a promising future.

ChaCha Cafe

ChaCha’s thesis statement is “a sophisticated nursery school.” Our vision is to create nursery schools that act as community spaces, much like neighborhood cafes. A place where both children and adults can relax or share brilliant ideas, passing thoughts, or everyday concerns over a cup of tea. And to ensure that our vision doesn’t remain a mere vision but is realized, we created actual cafes within our ChaCha Children Musashiseki, ChaCha Children Musashikosugi, ChaCha Children Soshigayakoen, and ChaCha Children Todoroki. The interior of each cafe, including lighting and music, have been designed for adults.
Not to say that children can’t also play in and enjoy the cafe spaces as well. The cafes aren’t just open to parents and educators of ChaCha. They are open to all of our friends and neighbors. As such, ChaCha acts as central gathering place to build and develop relationships with one another that will surely benefit the greater community.