Education is Empathy

“Empathy“ is key to our new vision. We define “empathy” as the strength to step into another’s shoes and strive to better understand them, even when, or perhaps, especially when, we don’t share the same experiences or opinions. “Empathy” is the truest treasure, and our goal is to nurture its development in the hearts of our children.

“Empathy“ is the secret ingredient to creating richer relationships amongst people, as well as with nature and all living things, with the world that lives within storybooks, and with current social events. “Empathy” fosters the power to think, observe, create, and express. In respecting and celebrating our diversity, and identifying middle ground in order to solve the many difficult issues the world faces today, we build an even brighter future. With children at the center of it all, ChaCha Nursery School Group is banding together to make this ideal vision of the future into reality.